A Prayer for this Season

Sometime through the monotony of my mid-morning, an email came into my  inbox. It was from Dr M. The message title simply read, ‘Lord help me to live beautifully in this season.’ The content of the message is written below. I hope it helps others as it did me.

Lord, help me to live beautifully in this season
Help me to know and discern what time it is,
And to see the possibilities in and between the trials. 
Help me to savour your patient work of growing fruit in me –fruit that will last — fruit that is more beautiful than the ease for which I long. 
I want to be a good recipient,
To receive with joy the mercies and providence you give each day. 
Erode, graciously, generously, the illusion that I am in control, or that I earn all I have.
Let me, when the occasion fits, drop all, and marvel at the work of your hands. 
Grant me strength for contentment, a stilled and quiet soul.
Keep me untangled from mirage-like pleasures that deceive. 
Help me, when lack of strength makes seeing hard, when the waters rise above my neck, 
To see the shape of things,
To know where to lean and where to step. 

And when I cannot see, forgive me, form me, lead me. 
By your light, let me see light, and truth, and wisdom. 
By your love, let me abide in love
Filled ever increasingly with Spirit, Father, Son. 
When all the nations rage,
When within, my flesh wars,
Then be my rock, my shelter, my reward. 
You are my rock, my shelter, and great reward.


Impacted by these words in some way? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.