Meet Nikki

Hi there, dear person on the other end of a screen. If I squint, I feel like I can just see you there.

My name’s Nikki, nearly-never Nicole. Friends and family call me Nik. I’m Australian, we like to shorten things round here. I’m a writer, once-upon-a-time academic, sunset-chaser, self confessed never-quite-on-timer, book-eater, chronic over-thinker and Jesus-follower with treasure in a jar of clay. My jar has lots of cracks. I use words to trace these out, and to dig in deep.

I’m mum to three, beautiful, complex miracles, referred to here simply as E, W, and J, and best friend and wife to an absent-minded-professor of American history, who I like to call Dr M. Together with our kids and our books we live close and crazy under the beating sun somewhere on the edge of Brisbane, where land meets water and the sky is always impossibly high and wide.

Just ask my family: leave me too long without a book and I’ll get jittery. Some people need to run to relax, I need to turn pages. For most of my adult life I have been immersed in the world of story-study. At university, I did several degrees in story (or its more dressed-up name ‘Literature’), and also worked as a story-teacher. After completing my PhD in creative writing several years ago, I started this space as a place to write without anyone looking over my shoulder with a scoresheet, and to explore terrain so close to my heart that I had failed as yet to touch it with words. Some of the topics I write about here are anxiety (not ordinary worry, but its wilder, teeth-baring cousin); grief (the sudden kind that then lingers for decades); parenting (in all it’s mind-bending, back-aching, joy spilling complexity) and the life of faith. If these are issues close to your heart, or even those of your loved ones, I’d love to have you join me on this journey. 

If you’d like my topsy turvy cracked-clay-jar journey to spill into your inbox, simply subscribe below, and I promise to send words your way worth reading.

Professional Bio

Time for the serious stuff. So I’ll switch to the third person voice now.

Nikki has an honours degree in literature from The University of Sydney, an MA in creative writing and a PhD in literature from Macquarie University. She has served as tutor in literature and writing to undergraduate students at Sydney university, the Australian Catholic university, and Macquarie University, as well as teaching a community centre creative writing course. Nikki’s writing has appeared in a variety of places including Millenium publishing, CASE magazine, The Mighty, Growing Faith, and Cadence Media. She researched and co-wrote material for Remembering 59, a documentary marking 50 years since Billy Graham came to Australia by Olive Tree Media, with her husband Dr Michael Thompson. She is currently working on a book manuscript, a memoir which also incorporates her late brother’s poetry, Gregory van der Kwaak.

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