Hi there, dear person on the other end of a screen. If I squint, I feel like I can just see you. My name’s Nikki, and I’m a writer, teacher of creative writing, book-eater, chronic over-thinker and Jesus-follower with treasure in clay jar. My jar has lots of cracks. I use words to trace these out. I recently wrote a book about my life with anxiety and Jesus called Fight, Flight and Faith and you can read more about that here.

I’m mum to three beautiful, complex miracles, and best friend and wife to an absent-minded-professor of American history, who I like to call Dr M. Together with our kids and our books we live close and crazy under the beating sun in Queensland Australia, where land meets water and the sky is always impossibly high and wide

After completing my PhD in literature, I started this space as a place to write without anyone looking over my shoulder with a red pen and somewhere to explore terrain so close to my heart that I had failed as yet to touch it with words.

The avenues I wander down here are those closest to my heart, with a particular focus on the intersection of faith and the fragile places, because this is where I have found myself living. And I know that I am not alone here.  I have a particular soft spot for the hard stories with rough, unfinished edges but that still hold hope at their core.

Professional Bio

Nikki has an MA in creative writing and a PhD in literature from Macquarie University, Sydney. She currently works as a sessional lecturer in Creative Writing at the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane. In the past she has served as tutor in literature and writing to undergraduate students at Sydney University, the Australian Catholic University, Sydney and Macquarie University, as well as teaching a creative writing course at a community centre.

Nikki’s writing and research has appeared in a variety of places including Fathom Magazine, Soul Tread,  Millenium Publishing, CASE magazine, The Mighty, Growing Faith,  Cadence Media and Olive Tree Media publications and projects.  She recently released her first book, a memoir, Fight, Flight and Faith: A life with anxiety and Jesus.

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