Watching my kids relate to each other fascinates me. Especially our oldest two. This earliest of bonds, this self-contained social world. I know it won’t always stay like this, but I’ll miss their cosy, uninhibited companionship when E and W grow up.

I wrote a little something about their relationship below to help me remember this unique time in our family history, when brother and sister are also bestest of friends.

It makes me think, how much of our future selves are formed by these earliest, most special familial ties.


Less than two years between them,

Fierce in  opposition, but fiercer in loyalty.

She the leader in age and imagination,

Interpreting the world on their shared canvas in textured brushstrokes;

Helps him to see.

He the bold boy,

Paving access for her to places fear would otherwise forbid;

Helps her to be.

Sometimes I stand outside their little land, and listen in,


Watching on as each shared grin,

Each battle-wound given and received,

Forms another piece in the puzzle of their growing

As together they make indelible imprints on one another’s identities.


Impacted by these words in some way? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.