Their world: an afternoon in our garden in Mid-March

In the late afternoon at our place a breeze comes through the garden, touching every living thing, including us, with tenderness.

Dinner time is almost here. The intense sun has run its course for the day. No need for anymore sunscreen, and hats can finally be abandoned – if desired. We inhabit the garden freely. Sometimes, at this precarious point in the day, when tiredness is peaking, and stomachs are grumbling, the band of children needs close supervision, but other times, like today, they are masters of their own space. Examples of what it is to be fully in the moment.

I sit back and watch, and listen, from my seat on the porch. I take photos and smile. It’s an Ecclesiaste’s 3 moment, of the laughing, building, dancing, embracing, mending type. And a time for birth? Today I felt the baby pressing. I felt first twinges and aches. I thought maybe…maybe very soon?

I am nervous. We are tired. But I am expectant too. Not because of anything to do with us and our capacities, but because of HIM and the community he has placed us in.  Even through virus’ and busyness we have been shown so much kindness these past weeks, through college community, family, and church: a bundle of fresh summer onesies from someone I met only once, baked goods from the Nanny’s, care-filled words as we pass by one another on campus, prayers and concern from church.

It is indeed a season to be thankful. But Ecclesiastes doesn’t mention that in its list of contrasts. Perhaps because every season is a Eucharisteo season (a season to give thanks).

There is a time for everything.


Impacted by these words in some way? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.