As promised, this is the first instalment of poetry by my brother Greg. Below, is one of Greg’s earliest poems, entitled simply, ‘Time.’

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This poem was written when Greg was just sixteen years old. Though simple, it speaks a profound truth. Time is passing, so make it count. Both the good, and the bad. Because neither lasts forever. Greg taught me that. Just as he lived it.

A friend reminded me of this verse recently. It’s apt: ‘Teach us, Lord, to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.’ (Psalm 90:12)

I hope you enjoy reading ‘Time’….


Unstoppable, relentless, it thunders by,

The older I get the more I see why

Once only will ‘now’ in my hands I hold,

Must act lest even now will grow cold.

In naught but a flash, shall I see yet

Crash into the present’s fast moving net.

And then (now?) will my life run away,

Down hidden dim paths that God only may say.

And what was once future will then become past –

Dreams and dreads, twins who run much too fast.

What to do, as in the blink of an eye,

Time grabs life and away together they fly.

Greg 25/5/92


Impacted by these words in some way? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.