To the Believer who thinks they have to hold it all together: It’s okay to be not okay

Psalm 139:12

Romans 5:8-10

2 Corinthians 4:7

On those days (or weeks, or months) when it feels like darkness is a swooping bird hanging over your head that just won’t let you go, remember:

It’s okay to be not okay.


Believers aren’t called to be un-feelers, so scratch that off your list of failures,

(I know you have those lists because I’ve had them too – virtues and vices piled high like dominoes waiting to fall).

Just because you know God doesn’t mean you have to be God,

He’s got that covered, and it covers you too.

And your weakness is not a sign of faithlessness, but humanness,

Even our Saviour on earth sweated and wept and slept.

And whereas our strengths can be our stumbling blocks,

Our weaknesses can be His workshop for wonder.

And drawing nearer to him doesn’t require working harder,

But dropping lower.

Being on our knees means taking the weight off our legs,

And looking up means not having to look in…

But if you find it hard to JUST STOP THINKING,

He knows that too.

And don’t worry about finding the right words,

He deciphers groans as easily as speeches,

And he catches your tears,

So go ahead and let them fall in his hands.

And all those biblical Giants he chose,

Were also giant messes,

Used by the Gracious-maker as Grace-pointers,

To something far bigger than their tiny deeds, and misdeeds.

And every one of us is fragile at the core,

Even those who don’t look like there’s a crack in sight…

Are walking jars.

And every last one of us needs a saviour.

So lean in,

Remembering leaning is a form of falling,

And falling is a form of faith too.

Falling into the one who can hold you



Even you.


Impacted by these words in some way? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.