Where do you go?

Because let’s be honest, when I’m tired and overwhelmed, I don’t always go where I should.

Instead, I find myself

At the avoidance place.

The distraction place.

The scroll-until-it-feels-better-but-it-never-does-for-long place.

The worry round in circles and back again, and still get nowhere far place.

The ‘what if’. . . place . . .

The ‘let’s see what everyone else is doing’, followed by the ‘why not me?’ place.

The buy to satisfy place.

The seeing-it-distorted-through-the-eyes-of-exhaustion place.

The stumbling in the dark, tripping, stubbing-toe place.

When where I need to be is




At the burden-borne place,

The He-understands-my-weakness place,

The he died in my place-place,

The ‘it is finished’ place,

The it-is-only-just-beginning place.

His place

Became my place

To dwell

Must. Not. Forget

Amazing Grace.

*Images by Rob Viuya. Follow Rob @rr_v


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